Fly Trap Pelekat Lalat (1 box)(100pcs)
Brand CNC
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  • Strongly adhensive
  • Ready to use
  • Safe and sanitary
  • It is an ideal fly terminator

Fly Trap Pelekat Lalat (20set/ctn)

-Strongly adhensive
-Ready to use
-Safe and sanitary
-It is an ideal fly terminator

Direction for use:
-Open carefully from the seal.
-Place boards where flies are frequently observed.
-Once the board is full of flies, burn it.
-Hang it if necessary.
-It can also be used to trap mosquitoes and other insects in the light at night.

-Avoid dusts or water for good effect.
-If the board is wet, dry it before usage.
-Use gasoline or diesel oil and then cleansing agent to remove the glue from the clothes.


Product price is per box (100pcs)

Wholesales / borong
- 20 Box / Carton