Polybag Black & White 1KG Polibeg UV Poly Bag Polybag Fertigasi Nursery Plantation Bag
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  • Polybag 16' x 16'
  • Black and White Colour
  • More resistant to heat

1KG Premium Black & White Polibeg UV Poly Bag

* Premium quality, U.V. Sabilised nursery polybags for growing nursery plants, saplings, bulbs.

* The bags with ready holes for water flows.

* U. V. Stabilized hence sunlight don’t deteriorate the bags.

* Black colour restrains to bend the root system of the plant on one side caused by direct sun light

* Cheaper than earthen pots

* Porous and light weight than earthen pots hence easy for transportation

* Ideal for growing plants on balconies, parapets, window sills and patios

* Box type structure hence stands erect on its own.

* Easy and better growth of plants than earthen pots.

* Weight : ±1Kg