PB16 & PB20 Knapsack Sprayer
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The acknowledged semi-auto backpack sprayer worldwide. This backpack sprayer is fulfilled the FAO requirement. It is the reason that the Cross mark PB-16 PB-20 knapsack sprayers are widely used in the agriculture sector today. Global farmers and planters always give "Quality" & "Durable" comments on this PB sprayer.​

  • ​It is suitable for heavy usage on spraying of HerbicidesPesticidesFungicides and more require sophisticated spraying media (Low Volume Spray to High Volume Spray).
  • Adjustable solid cone nozzle LSA/4(LG) and LSA/4/1(R) nozzle cap in packaging very suitable for spot sprayselective spray, and P & D spray.


  • ​​Pump mechanism - Faster pressure built up & certified at 200psi for safety. Rubber piston in pump cylinder is made for excellent resistance against corrosive chemicals.
  • Spare parts & optional accessories - Available to meet every user's spraying requirement easily.
  • Operation levers - Pump handle can be adjusted for right or left hand users.
  • Easy DIY maintenance - User can maintenance by himself without any special tools or equipment.

Operating Instruction

  1. ​The lance with twin elbow and LSA/4 nozzle is screwed onto the automatic release completed with hose and connected to sprayer. 
  2. The handle can be fixed for right or left hand operation, and the sprayer is ready for use.
  3. Before use, all moving parts should be oiled. 
  4. Dissolve the chemical carefully before pouring into the sprayer.
  5. Do not fill the sprayer without using the sieve. 
  6. Then, bring the sprayer under pressure and release the automatic release for spraying.
  7. This sprayer specially designed for comfortable usage and easy operation – spraying of pesticides for both amateur gardeners and professional – it is useful and handy for horticulturists.