MX16 & MX20 Knapsack Sprayer (ANCHOR)
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  • More Durable
  • Components and accessories are compatible
  • Easy carrying, light weight and comfortable to use


* Made in Malaysia
* Sprayer Container made of tough polypropylene hence making it highly durable
* Components and acessories are compatible.
* Container free from leaking problems
* Adjustable Solid Cone Nozzle gives wider coverage and distribution
* Plastic filter before control valve is provided.
* Easy carrying, light weight and comfortable to use.

Operating Instructions:
The lance with nozzle is screwed onto the automatic release completed with hose and connected to sprayer. The handle can be fixed for left hand operation, and the sprayer is ready to use. Before use all moving parts should be oiled. Dissolve the chemical carefully before pouring into the sprayer. Do not fill the sprayer without using the sieve. Then bring the sprayer under pressure and release the automatic release for spraying. This sprayer specially designed for comfortable usage and easy operation - spraying of pesticides for both amateur gardeners and professional.

Maintenance Guides:
Check and clean nozzles by removing nozzle cap and filter and replace them. Remove and clean air vessel by unscrewing it and bronze ball and replace them. The air vessel must be tightly screwd on with washer. It is very important : Must clean the nozzle cap and filter properly after using the sprayer and clean the container as well.