Fezmet - 4L
Brand Zagro
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  • Berbau kuat
  • Mengawal trip, lalat buah dan lain lain
  • 4L Packing

Fezmet - dimethoate 38.0%

Fezmet is an insecticide from the organophosphate group that acts systemically and poisons the stomach.

Effective control against:
~ Leaf Lice (Aphis gossypii),
~ Tortoise Beetle (Epilachna indica),
~ Leaf Lice (Aphis gossypii),
~ Trip Lice (Thrips palmi).
~ Bena Perang (Nilaparvata lugens),
~ Bena Hijau (Nephotettix virescens),
~ Pianggang (Leptocorisa acuta). 

Can be used on cucumber, watermelon, chili, eggplant, cabbage and cauliflower, rice.