X-Sorb - 500ML
Brand Farmcochem
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  • Non-ionic silicone surfactant
  • Improve wetting,spreading and penetration effect
  • Better usage of insecticides,fungicides and herbicides and applied nutrients

X-Sorb 100 is a low molecular weight non-ionic silicone polyether surfactant.

It is specially formulated to enhance the efficacy of herbicides and reduce chemical wastage.

How does it work?

  • It reduces the interfacial tension dramatically to a very low level of 23 dynes/cm.
  • Even at a low concentration at 0.01% it enhances spread and provides efficient coverage to every single leaf.
  • The very high solubility makes it suitable for tank-mixing with foliar-applied agricultural chemicals.
  • Its excellent penetration and wetting performance will increase the absorption rate of the sprayed chemicals.
  • This is especially important during rainy season.